Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter is an archery game developed by Wolf Games. According to the internet reviews, this game seems to be the best archery game there is. The reason that you read this article in this section is that Apple Shooter is HARD to play. But yes, it’s relatively easy…at first.

All you have to do in this game is hitting the apple on your friend’s head using the bow and arrow. Easy, right? WRONG! It may BE easy in 20 feet, it may SEEM easy on 25 feet, but after you get past 30 feet…things escalate pretty fast. Let’s just say that your friend, the one with the apple on his head, will have an extremely hard time. He will get hit in the neck, in the stomach or the legs…and he will die….repeatedly, over and over again. This is until you kind of getting the hang of it. But as the distance between you and your apple holding friend increases, everything you learned in the previous level is completely forgotten. This is why this game is harder than it looks at a first glance.

Not only you have to find the perfect angle to shoot the arrow, but you also have to find the right amount of strength or trust. Because finding the perfect angle to hit the apple wasn’t hard enough.

Another aspect that makes this game so damn hard is that you are not given a trajectory. This is not some modified Angry Birds where you got a line to know where your bird will land. In Apple Shooter you are aiming blindly. There is no help. It just leaves you at that. That is why you keep killing the guy with the apple on his head.

The game’s graphics don’t have anything special. It’s just a guy with a bow and arrows and another with an apple on his head. It’s ok for an app. The sound can be muted, thank heavens. I always hated those sounds in games. Why do developers always feel the need to put an annoying sound in the background?

Why is this game addictive? Because you get frustrated, that’s why. You are used to those games in which aiming was never an issue because at some point you got the hang of it. Well, in this game you don’t.  In this game, you have to re-establish the pattern over and over again. I feel kinda sorry for the guy with the apple. He wished he would have chosen another career path after I was done with him.

Overall, Apple Shooter is a challenging game that requires a lot of patience and dexterity. It may not seem much, but the game is a really good archery game. It may be difficult, but my guess is that is why you chose to play it because it’s not your usual, super easy, boring archery app. So keep playing!