Hardest Mario

Mario was, and I believe it still is, the favorite game of so many generations. For many of us it was the first game we have ever played on those old game consoles our parents bought us when we were small children. But even as an adult, Mario is still awesome. But then Hardest Mario intervenes.

Before playing Hardest Mario you must forget everything you know about the original Mario. Things have a funny twist, but it can transform into something frustrating…fast. The gameplay is kind of the same. The controls are the same, Mario is the same, but the more similarities you find, you find twice the differences. It’s the same, but totally different, so to speak.

The game begins in the same way the original Mario starts. The first thing you will notice is that the accuracy of the movements is slightly harder. You will want to get the first coins in the first frame, but you will not be able because another gold brick appears under the visible one. After that, all of you who have played Mario, know that there is a mushroom which makes you bigger at the beginning of the game, right? Wrong! A creature will get out of there and it will try to kill you. Surprise, surprise! Didn’t see that coming, now did you? You must also be careful at the green tubes. They will shot things upward before trying to jump past them. Not all of them, but beware.

The main idea is that a lot of things that were harmless in the original Mario will try to kill you in the Hardest Mario. Not all creatures can be killed, instead they will make you bounce, and not all green tubes will take you to some secret place, but instead they will shake you to death. I am not going to tell you more because I will ruin the game for you, but Hardest Mario has some nice twists that will make you more curious the more you advance. Don’t think about the maps, they will become irrelevant at some point. Just take care so you don’t get killed.

The graphics and the sound is the same as the original Mario. Nothing special about it. The same childish song, the same brown bricks and the same green tubes. Only their purpose differs.

I must admit that Hardest Mario made me addicted to it for a while. Not because I like the game so much, but because curiosity always wins with me. I was constantly curious about what will kill me next, and I was always surprised. Mario’s death came when I was least expecting it, from things that in the original Mario are completely harmless or static. So if you play this game, be careful, expect anything from everything and keep your little plumber alive. Also, beware of the bricks! I will let you discover why.