Stickicide is a game made by Cosmoseth and it seems to have gained some popularity lately. It has been a while since I had fun with such a simple game. It’s a nice change of scenery. When playing a game, any game, you must make sure not to get killed, but not while playing this game.

The task at hand is simple. You have a time frame in which you have to die as many times as possible. Yes! You have to get killed. The more you get killed, the higher the score. At first I thought it was a joke, but then I started to play. Stickicide has been my favorite app for a while after that.

The first time I played Stickicide I killed my protaginist as many time as I could and my score was like 8000. I thought to myself ‘not bad!’ but I was very wrong. The game actually told me that the score was low and I had to try again. How many times could I have killed my stick figure until the app was happy? This I found out much later.

What kills you in Stickicide? You have a canon, some kind of press, spikes (but you have to jump when you get to them, otherwise you will just pass them by), a gun, you can fall from a really high point, a rocket that smashes you into a wall etc. I will let you discover the rest.

In my opinion it is pointless to talk about the graphics for the single reason that there isn’t much to talk about. You have a moving stick figure which moves right, left and upward. The things that kill you seem to be made in Paint (not joking) and the path you have to follow is made by simple lines. You will actually see colors when reaching the things that kill you, the rest is black and white. However, the lack of these things will not make you dislike Stickicide. I, for one, enjoyed it in spite of it. I had fun with a game without the pretty colors and outstanding graphics. After all, a game is not always defined by these things, and the creators from Cosmoseth knew that.

As for the sounds, also not much to tell. You will constantly hear your stick figure making some weird noises when it dies, screaming or making that noise everybody makes when getting punched.

The downside to Stickicide is that the addiction will not last. It’s not challenging. At least it wasn’t for me. The only thing that stressed me is that I couldn’t find more things to kill me in lesser time. It took me a while to almost double my first score. But other than that, you can lose interest fast in this game.

All things considered, Stickicide brought (for me) a new concept. Instead of constantly trying to keep my protagonist alive, I got to keep killing it. It was a nice change and I enjoyed it as much as I could.