The Impossible Game

I mustn’t tell you that the internet over flows with games, but there are a few which go viral simply because they are really annoying and are not easy to play. A good example of such a game is The Impossible Game.

It may not seem much at first, the graphics are not extraordinary, but, as the title suggests, it’s impossible to play. Basically, the entire game revolves around squares and triangles. All you have to do is not let the square hit any obstacle it comes across. Seems easy, right? Wrong! It’s impossible to finish a level on the first attempt…or the second…or the third. The frustration will envelop you entirely.

The most frustrating thing is, that when you fail (which you will, miserably, without question) you will start back at the very beginning of the level. The game offers a practice mode in which you can place flags at some points in order to not send you back at the beginning when you die. But this is what makes The Impossible Game so addictive. You must get from start to finish with only one life. Don’t let yourself believe you can do that easily. It’s specially made to be so hard to play.

The Impossible Game seems easy at the first glance. You may think that it’s just a simple game, as are all the rest. You couldn’t be more wrong. This is, apparently, a mistake everybody makes. I start to suspect that this is the main reason it went viral in the first place. Everybody thought that they can do it, only to fail miserably.

Attempt 17 on Impossible GameThe set up is interesting, and the way you have to move that square around, to climb and to jump over obstacles doesn’t present anything out of the ordinary. It’s the difficulty that gets you. The music is some old techno style, like the ones we used to have in old computer games. Nonetheless, you won’t think about it. It may occur to you at some point that it’s too repetitive, but trust me, that will be the least of your concern.

So…frustration is everything this game will provide. But it’s the good kind since you will tend to try again and again. You will start as a somewhat over achiever, you will fail over and over again, only to feel a great accomplishment when you make it at the end of the level. One thing is for sure though: once you finish The Impossible Game, you will feel repulsed by it. The only mention will be the one to your friends, bragging about finishing it (I don’t guarantee that they will believe you though).

The game came out some time ago, but it still has it. If you enjoyed The Xbox version, you will love this one too. If you are one of those people who cannot stop until finishing something, or you have a thing for difficult games, The Impossible Game is the one for you.