The Impossible Quiz 2

If you enjoyed playing the first Impossible Quiz then I am sure you will like this one too. It really amused me playing the first one, so I was happy to see there is another one. Those silly questions gave me some really hard times when I first played the game, but it was worth it.

The Impossible Game 2 is very much the same as the first one. I guess they made a new one because everyone learned the answers by heart and they needed a new challenge. I sure did. I was extremely curious to see what they have come up with this time. Well…nothing special but the same funny questions that make you question everything.

Even though I believe that The Impossible Quiz 2 is more of a memory game, it is still a good way to spend some spare time. I say that it is some sort of memory game because there are some questions that I simply chose the right answer after I already lost 3 lives. Sometimes I lost all my lives at one single question because the answer was…well, not among the four choices. But then I figure it out and I am careful to remember the correct answer. Hence the memory game.

Appearance is the same as the first Impossible Quiz, the same childish drawings that make the game seem like it was designed by kindergarteners. It’s not a bad thing, I find it rather amusing, and honestly, I don’t really care. The point is that when you play the game you will most certainly be focused on figuring out the answer (which is not excluded to be somewhere in the right upper corner), rather than that the shape of most things, if not all, is messed up. You will see that for yourself.

The sound I find it to be really annoying. I always mute the sound, but that doesn’t mean you can mute the game completely. You will still hear sounds if you do the same. That I don’t mind. It’s just that background song that bugs me.

As for the difficulty of the game…The Impossible Quiz 2 is as messed up as the first one. I will give you an example which you will find among the first questions: ‘How long is this sentence?’ I guess you’re thinking what the $%^# does it mean by that? I was doing the same thing. Which sentence? But then I remembered from playing the first game that the questions can be really literal at times. The right answer is 8 letters, of course. The word ‘sentence’ has 8 letters so….there you have it. The one and only The Impossible Quiz everybody!

The Impossible Quiz 2 may be similar to the first game, but I like it. After I finished the first one I must admit that I missed it. I missed the challenge.  Maybe because I was a little addicted. I guess that so are you…since you are here reading about it. All in all, I really hope that the guys from Splapp-me-do will make another one.