The Impossible Quiz

I must admit that it has been a while since I’ve found such an annoying game. It’s chaotic and ridiculous and sometimes makes me smash the phone, even though I was laughing with tears a couple of seconds ago. But these features are what defines The Impossible Quiz.

The Impossible Quiz is an app made by inXile’s Sparkworkz, developers of Line Rider and Fantastic Contraption. It consists of over 100 questions for which you only have 3 lives. I say only because…well, I am going to let you see exactly why. One wrong answer will make you poorer with one life. The good thing is that every 10 questions you kind of level-up, so to speak, which will give you the possibility to skip a really, really difficult question (you cannot choose the difficult question). Some are multiple choice questions, but sometimes you may be required to do some apparently easy tasks.

The pro’s for The Impossible Quiz is that can be very addicting. The addiction is constantly fed by the curiosity to know what weird question will be next (honestly ‘weird’ is kind of an understatement). However, as hilarious as it may be, The Impossible Quiz can be really frustrating. This also I will let to figure out why. All I can say to you is that you must not take the game seriously, otherwise, you will spoil all the fun. After all, that is why you download it…for fun. Remember that! Even if there is no pattern, you will kind of figure it out after you start over a few times.

Question from the impossible quiz game’s style is nothing special. Not that it matters, to be honest. The drawings look like they are made by a bunch of preschoolers and the goofy music on the background is made to entertain them. But seriously, it doesn’t matter. The Impossible Quiz is not made to impress you with its graphics. After all, your attention will be pointed towards the fact that the game is impossible.

Besides the pros, there are the cons. I consider that there are too few lives. The game’s difficulty is far too great for only 3 lives. I know that many will contradict me because hey…that is the game’s charm. And they would be right if it wouldn’t add up to the lack of consistency regarding the questions and/or the answers. There is no logical pattern so your chances to reach the end are very, very slim. You will notice that memory will help you better than logical thinking.

Another thing that I find wrong with The Impossible Quiz is the order of the questions. I would have preferred if it was random and not the same. Why? Because once you die and you want to start over you have to go through the same questions all over again and it can become really boring. So a random order would make you go through more questions, not the same questions over and over again.

Overall, The Impossible Quiz is fun to play, even though the addictive feature will wear off at some point. The good thing is that you can tell your friends about it and have a good laugh together. After all, it’s supposed to entertain you. And even though there is a weird balance between fun and frustration, in my opinion, it’s worth the 1$ it costs.